2009 Eminent Person Speeches


During the grade nine speeches, our class witnessed the following (the links access blog-comment conversations about each grade nine's choice of eminent people):
  • A fevered argument between the Dukes of Florence and Lion who each argued opposing sides of Niccolo Machiavelli’s legacy and legitimacy.
  • Florence Nightingale’s mother discussing the various means of disappointment her daughter’s career choice of nursing brought her.
  • Testimony on the tumultuous, but always respectful relationship FDR shared with Winston Churchill.
  • A touching biography of Annie Leibovitz narrated by the lens of the camera that captured John Lennon’s final afternoon, and sold millions of Rolling Stones.
  • A vivid narration of escape as related by a slave freed alongside Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad.
  • A young girl’s dying words in the arms of Mother Theresa.
  • The story of Craig Kielburger’s first visit to an African village, as told by a young boy (or girl?) in the village.
  • A seething business-biography of Walt Disney narrated by his former partner (and creator of Mickey Mouse).
  • Mohammad Ali’s childhood friend casually relating his often-interrupted lifelong friendship with Cassius Clay.
  • Isaac Newton’s greatest exploits described from the perspective of the apple which hit him that fateful day.
  • A telling of Jules Verne’s feisty childhood through the eyes of his father, who never quite accepted his son’s career choice.
  • A heartfelt letter from Princess Zhara to her father, spiritual leader Aga Khan.
  • An argument between a teacher giving a lesson about Hellen Keller to the constant interruptions of a blind student lamenting who resents her connection to her historical counterpart.
  • And a tale rich in sibling-rivalry related by Greek poetess Sappho’s brother.

The grade tens excellent turns of rhetoric and public speaking were reached through many drafts of speeches posted, and commented upon, on the class' blogs (Captain Vancouver, Ferdinand Porsche and Magaret Cho didn't supply links to their speeches):