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A bit of Wise Yoda Advice for All of Our Novice Bloggers - by Donya
Truth? - by Jen S (2010)
Song of Myself - by Kiko (2010)
Finding the Beauty Hidden beneath My Fear - by Kiko (2010)

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Louise H's post from 2009
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Nick K's post from 2009
Andrea's post from 2009

English Posts

To a Tree - by Liam (2010)
Hoarding the Sparkling Things - by Louise (2010)
Video Games are Art - by Liam (2010)

Socials Posts

Rights are Given, not Inherited(be sure to check out the comments below) - by Liam (2009)
North Road, the Oldest Road in the Lower Mainland - by Kiko (2009)
On Assimilation, and the Loss of Culture - by Kiko (2010)
Op-Ed: Our Inheritance (Another great example of comments-as-class-discussion) - by Louise (2010)

Eminent Person Posts

Jenna's Eminent Person Interview
Andrew's search for an Interview & the Results

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