CHAPTER TEN Learning Resources

Kelly Bryant, Jonathan Toews, Chelsea Henderson, Derek Wong.

The Judgment

"I Ask You:

If you had the power, to create all matter, including life, and you could synchronize, those creations, perfectly, what would you do, if one life form, was apparently abusing, all the other life, including themselves?

If the original "Intent," of your creation, had apparently been twisted, from "Respect," to hatred, from compassion, to oppression, from generosity, to greed, and from dignity, to defilement, what would you do?

How would you convince, people, that material temptation, social status, and education institutions, are used, to preserve and perpetuate, the status quo, with very real, consideration, for the future, of life, on earth?

...How would you, as "THE CREATOR OF LIFE," show your contempt and revulsion, for the institutions, and the individuals, who are supposed to protect life, but are apparently, doing something quite different, instead?"

Grant Hadwin

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