1.The rhino Daisy is gone to the place where the ice caps never melt and the world is fair and there is no need for pie.
2. She, the little one in the corner, is stronger than the might of a thousand steroid using musclemen.
3. The football players are really just overly large dancers, and they hide their true wishes under dates with cheerleaders.
4.Sidney Crosby was being such a giant Crosby last season, it's a wonder his fans, should they exist, has yet to follow in his model of being a huge Crosby in support of Crosby.
5.The songs, high pitched and produced in Coquitlam, became international hits, which is a testament to how any song, from any place, can be popular,
6.Giants slept, deeply and undisturbed, and all through the night armed elves stole in and cut out their foul tongues, as they were cruel.
7.The diligent students steadfastly observed their fine and upstanding school principal as he paraded around the soccer field while playing the overly large tuba.
8. The RockBand fans, wide-eyed and foam-mouthed, all gave Guitar Hero unequivocal criticism for it's unveiling of a trombone as an instrument.
9. The nerds, with their suspenders pulled up high and their acne toned to perfection, consider the learning process that is school highly important.
10. The tap-dancing black and white penguins wish the cruel world luck during the coming meteor shower, while they watch from above.
11. The overweight useful hippos from Madagascar are floundering underwater busily filing papers for insurance which will support their flamboyant diet of Cheetos.
12. The flexible acrobats flipped out uncontrollably when they discovered canned bread.
13. The raggedy patched cat, since surviving from all of Mr. Jackson’s allegory kicks, is now an accomplished black belt in the art of kicking butts, all for the purpose of wrecking his revenge.
14. The baby ducks that were yellow, seemed helpless.
15. The wonderfully red and white striped candy cane pajamas worn by the rockhopper penguins in their rockeries is made of 100% dyed homespun yam.
16. Outraged by the sudden reduction of eggo waffles my grandma protested!
17. The ostriches kicked their children.
18. The army of ants like to party with their queen after a hard day of work.
19. In my childhood, I had thought Aladdin, with his street rat ways of defeating Jafar, heroic and super buff.
20. The annoyed students propped up on their elbows, watching the clock’s every movement, consider the endlessly tiresome grammar lesson the biggest pain of their purgatorial lifelong eduction.
21. The stout and bearded gnomes are across the heavily vegetated forest full of cedars and pines, west of the massive, over populated castle, and burrowed deep in the moutnain of jagged rocks.
22. Even in times of trouble, we, the three of us, who have been friends since we were four years old, will always be best friends
23. The black cat seemed so lazy, sitting there all day and night, in the winter and in the summer, even when there was food in it's dish, or a new toy left on the rug.
24. With its familiar, old-fashioned furniture, and tattered wallpaper, the small cabin at the edge of the lake seemed just like home.
25. The scaly, eight foot long crocodile ravenously ate a school of enormously huge and stupid fish in half an hour.
26. Because of the unfortunate incident, my mom gave me a long, detailed lecture on what to do in a similar situation, if I was ever given an elephant for Christmas.
27. The extremely ugly and furry orange cats are inside eating mice and grilled cheese sandwiches while being watched by a mysterious man in the clown hat which is painted yellow and white with a picture of a dull silver bell which you could find on a log in the bottom of the sea while being eaten by a bright yellow fish that strangely hates clown hats.
28. Your voice-controlled, awesome, 1000 dollar, pro toaster is completely amazing even though it burnt my toast when I specifically told it never to do that with my undoubtedly clear voice.
29. The dumb cat became smarter a after it got hit by a soccer ball and flew into a laboratory and knock over chemicals which coincidentally formed a concoction to get smarter if thrown at the target which ended with the cat landing on its feet in the main office.
30. This brownish tuna looks completely and utterly boring even though it is an essential source of omega 3, a vital substance your mind needs to work better than usual.
31. The man in the yellow hat with the tattered brown jacket embroidered with a dove’s face resembles a snake in the way that he is completely evil, mischievous, cunning, and can talk his way out of any situation.
32. While the furry blue can rested, a man in a black suit watched quietly then came down slowly, taking careful step after step as so not to alarm the cat as it slept in a peaceful silence as mice scurried around it.
33. You will defeat the invincible, indestructible, ultimate, armed robot which thousands of people have never even come close to even beginning to defeat the robot.
34. When I feel like it, I will give you a rotting, blue and disgusting potato which will probably have to be used in a recipe and taste good to even barely scrape a pass in this difficult assignment.
35. My wrinkled gray rhino declared its food poor as it wandered through the barren landscape grimly muttering to himself and brooding over his mysterious past that he has had in such a short time.
36. My wrinkled gray rhino declared its food dirt as it wandered through the cramped town past the barren farmlands happily muttering to himself and thinking about the great memories that he has had in such a short time.
37. But because this secret file can be found and unlocked by a debugger, the jPod development team needs to covertly insert Ronald into the game's coding during the final stage - after the debugging is done.
38. The next time hockey superstar and Penguins team captain Sidney Crosby confidently steps onto the glazed ice at GM Place he'll be considered largely responsible for shouldering the tremendous Olympic expectations of a hockey-crazed nation who will be watching him closely.
39. The fourteen ugly brown furry dogs are very bad hunters and trackers in the chilling mossy green forest.
40. Tabitha, Leia, and Samuel became very hungry after the tiresome hike even though it hadn't been all that long since their previous meal.
41. Although volume upon volume is written to prove slavery a very good thing, we never hear of the man who wishes to take the good of it by being a slave himself.
42. Peaceful as I was with my new theory about meetings, I still had to flee the boardroom about an hour before that one ended - I started getting that itching-from-the-inside feeling, like ants were collecting bread crumbs around my cranium - and the ants were growing bigger and bigger.
43. Which only meant he gave his right hand a bandage as he sat in the downtown Toronto Dominion Commercial Banking Centre opposite a beige individual named Custer Quan.
44. George, the old man reading lord of the rings, one of the most interesting and exiting books, is as hairy as a flying chimpanzee.
45. The intelligent and very musical students were troubadours that like to walk around the school playing some chill guitar and singing super awesome songs.
46. The beautiful plant with he green leaves and the pretty blossoms became a tall apple tree in the meadow.
47. The ones over there seem really happy and excited
48. The sun rose as Lizzy happily frolicked through the pretty green meadows that were filled with soft, purple pansies that nicely complimented the colours in the sky.
49. The massive joyful cohort, on a vacation to France, one of the most beautiful places in the entire universe, played soccer in a beautiful meadow with bright green grass.
50. The large, sleepy hippos read their respective books on law that depicted how hippos were to behave at all times.
51. The little grey mouse named Michelangelo considered the looming mousetrap that was covered in cheese, an insult to his higher intelligence.
52. The soccer players wearing red and white-striped uniforms that looked like candy canes were on the muddy Surrey soccer pitch, their cleets sinking into the wet earth with a squelching sound.
53. The coach was kind to his team and bought them all drinks from Starbucks after the cold and rainy practice, which made him very popular.
54. George, my sick and tired mailman who likes chocolate covered bread, is also a marvellously fantastic used car salesman.
55. The spotted dog with floppy ears, one eye, and a yappy bark became quiet when he fell asleep tucked inside his stinky pink blanket.
56. While the energetic girl's friends were over, the small rat terrier became a nuisance because he puked on the kitchen floor and the girl had to clean up the disgusting mess.
57. Wordlessly, the man in the big yellow hat slept, while snoring loudly, for a hundred years.
58. The girls made authentic sushi at their Japanese friend's house unsing real asian rice.
59. The talented bushy tailed squirrel selfishly donated a brand new neon green stereo while juggling his mountain of acorns.
60. The bored and confused student considers lying on the floor unproductive, however she is really tired of grammar.
61. I gave a whole bunch of passing travelers with small smelly pink feet and large noses lots of hard, unpleasant work to do yesterday.
62. My pet zombie became sick after he slipped on a bar of soap while in the shower and accidentally ingested it.
63. Our high school cafeteria served panzarottis every Tuesday, and every Tuesday our high school cafeteria had raging lines out the door and down the hallway with sweaty backwards-cap wearing teens each holding five bucks for the most delicious lunch in our known universe.