external image cTkORawxjCoKqlSHYoU71Dl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVaiQDB_Rd1H6kmuBWtceBJCreating Context Around Romeo & Juliet

"None of us makes meaning of life in a completely isolated way… One of the ways we create meaning in the world is to experience the world with other people. And to do that in a way in which we actually narrate the process, narrate the experience… context becomes a service we provide for each other."

Gardner Campbell (via Alan Levine)

Following along with what Gardner is saying, we will be taking a brief opportunity to extend our understanding of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet by undertaking an exploration of individual points of shared research. With fifty-six tentacles stretching in unique directions, there is potential to draw in any number of related topics of discussion, analysis or academic research.

But we'll only have one day for this (yikes!), so get cracking early, and follow these guidelines for success.

Begin by asking yourself:

  • What is my favourite aspect (scene, character, stylistic choice, theme, literary device, original source material etc) of the play? (Maybe even pick two)

  • What is it about this aspect that has grabbed my attention?

  • What related aspects of the play are you most interested in? (Set-design, historical accuracy, traditional storytelling & folklore, different presentations of the play/story - opera included, etc etc)


  • Make a list of three-to-five questions that will teach you more about one of the above-listed aspects.

  • Research answers to your questions. (I'll even be a dear a put the link to Wikipedia right here for you.)

  • Share what you are able to find.

The results of your inquiry will be posted on your blog, and the link to your post must be shared below. To help with creating meaningful context around these researched ideas, form, edit and organize headings for information as it is posted (ie - if there's not a category for your topic yet, make one).


Mercutio-by Daniel Park

Character Characteristics-Anthony

Mercutio-by Michelle

Romeo vs. Mercutio: Is it really a question? (Protagonists, and why they're boring) - Zoe

Friar Lawrence- Jen S

O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou
Romeo - Chelsea

People we know in Romeo and Juliet. -Clayton
Character Depth

Mercutio's and Romeo's Friendship -Aman


Mercutio's Purposeful and Well Timed Death -Derek W.

The Many Themes and Personas of Romeo and Juliet

Plot/Story Development

Foreshadowing - Albert

Comic Relief- Duncan

Questions, Questions, Questions - Stephanie

Emotion - SaraH

Why So Many Words?: Monologues in Romeo and Juliet - Jennifer A

Timing - Christina


Incorporating Culture from the location of the scene into the play - Vincent

Figurative Language - Jeff
Sound, Flow, & Rhythm - Cassidy
English before Shakespeare - Julien

The Shakespearian Wonders - Macguire

Shakespearean Poetic Language - Max

Irony - Emlyn

Imagery- Louise

Rhyming Couplets - Conrad

Literary Devices - Alvin

Allusions- Jonathan

Love or Infatuation? -Alisha

Typical melodramatic teenagers - Immy

Giddy Flirt and True, True love - Julianna

Shakespeare's language - Sean
Between the Lines - Isaac

Visual Artistry

Clothing and Fashion in Romeo and Juliet - Carlin

Costumes in Romeo and Juliet - Kelsey

Romeo and Juliet Stage Costumes - Lexi

History and Time Period Items

Where it all Began - Victoria

Weapons and Fighting and Violence - Emily V.

Cultural Differences - Daniel L

Did Shakespeare actually come up with the story? -Katie Shin

Shakespeare's Inspiration for Romeo and Juliet- Tyler J.

Connections and Reflections

A Speck of Black in a Sea of White - Richard

Shakespeare and His Fair City- Iris

Ways to Perform Romeo and Juliet-Kim

Adaptations of Romeo & Juliet - Emily S


Why There is Hatred - Megan